Num Num Sauce Co. Proudly Serving Num Num Sauces since 1940
In the early 1940s great grandpa began making craft bbq sauce by hand for his family to enjoy. As time progressed his sauces became legendary among family and friends for its unique aromas and flavor profiles. Over time the demand for sauces grew and so did the family.  As new generations came they often assisted with production by helping to bottle or label sauces depending on their size and age. During this time in the early 1960s, the sauces were manufactured in an old white porcelain washing machine, bottled then labeled by little hands on an assembly line of grandchildren.  In 1965 Pop became ill and ultimately passed, leaving the technology of producing the secret sauces to his only son. Ollie did his best to keep the operation going, but between raising 8 kids and lack of access to adequate capital he was forced to close up shop in a few years.