Num Num Sauce Proudly Serving Num Num Sauces since 1940
In the early 1940s great grandpa began making craft bbq sauce by hand for his family to enjoy. As time progressed his sauces became legendary among family and friends for its unique aromas and flavor profiles. Over time the demand for sauces grew and so did the family.  As new generations came they often assisted with production by helping to bottle or label sauces depending on their size and age. During this time in the early 1960s, the sauces were manufactured in an old white porcelain washing machine, bottled then labeled by little hands on an assembly line of grandchildren.  In 1965 Pop became ill and ultimately passed, leaving the technology of producing the secret sauces to his only son. Ollie did his best to keep the operation going, but between raising 8 kids and lack of access to adequate capital he was forced to close up shop in a few years.     

Fast forward almost 40 years later, Ollie's grandson Michael began pursuing a career as a Pharmaceutical Scientist after his dreams of becoming a professional entertainer in football didn't materialize after college.  Thereafter Michael worked full-time while pursuing a graduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, so Ollie decided to reward his grandson's hard work by sharing the wisdom his father passed down to him on how to produce special sauces and condiments.  Michael hit the ground running by breaking down the processes using his newly acquired industry experiences and education, to develop his own versions of the special sauces.  Each time he would travel back down south to get grandpa to taste his versions. Ollie critiqued Michael several times until he got it right. With grandpa's blessing Michael commercialized his great-grandpa's backwoods technologies under the Num Num Sauce brand through a partnership with Whole Foods Market in 2008.  

Thirsty for more knowledge and understanding, Michael began taking course work towards a terminal degree in Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. Today, the Num Num Sauces are the healthiest condiments on the shelves of Whole Foods Market stores and hold top seller status throughout the South region states.  Meanwhile, Michael has developed several bioprocessing technologies designed to improve the bioavailability of active antioxidant ingredients and submitted at least 2 patents for protection of processes with the capacity to improve food quality throughout ingredient manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industries.  He will earn his Doctoral degree in May of 2020 and looks share the blessing of food that's "good to you and good for you" with the world by guiding the Num Num Sauce brand to an IPO in 5-7 yrs.